Teacher retention survey – round 2

I conducted a survey in June, as part of a literature review I was writing for the publishers, the Mark Allen Group, in order to ascertain the reasons why teachers considered quitting the profession.

I would like to gauge your opinion once again in order to investigate whether those reasons were in any way dependent on the time of the year. You see, it strikes me that what teachers find most irksome at the end of the academic year when exhaustion and exam stress are rife, may not be the same motivators (or should I say, de-motivators?) early in the academic year when pressures over the summer results, new timetables and the setting of performance management targets may be further to the fore.

As before, you can select as many options as relevant to you and you can add your own comment at the end. Rest assured, all responses are totally anonymous.

Please spread the word – the more responses we get, the more valid the data and the more we can help influence the debate on your behalf and improve working conditions for teachers.

I will publish the results of this and the earlier survey shortly, along with the literature review, which will all be freely available.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.