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Front matter

A note on the text
The story so far
The Ofsted context

Part One: The curriculum design process

Chapter 1: What is curriculum intent?
Chapter 2: What is curriculum implementation?
Chapter 3: What is curriculum impact?

Part Two: Counting what counts

Chapter 4: The impact of curriculum planning
Chapter 5: The impact of curriculum teaching
Chapter 6: The impact on pupil outcomes and preparedness for the next stage

Part Three: Sense-checking assessments

Chapter 7: Purpose, process, and validity
Chapter 8: Making marking meaningful, manageable and motivating
Chapter 9: Whole school v subject specific assessment

Part Four: Making marking motivating

Chapter 10: Learning intentions and success criteria
Chapter 11: Classroom questioning and discussions
Chapter 12: Activating learners as instructional resources

Part Five: Ensuring equity

Chapter 13: The causes and consequences of disadvantage
Chapter 14: The gender gap
Chapter 15: The ethnicity gap
Chapter 16: The poverty gap
Chapter 17: The SEND gap

Part Six: The golden triangle

Chapter 18: Quality assurance
Chapter 19: Performance management
Chapter 20: Professional development

Part Seven: The new normal

Chapter 21: Ethical leadership in education
Chapter 22: Parental engagement
Chapter 23: Learning lessons from lockdown
Chapter 24: Remote learning
Chapter 25: Crisis management

End matter

About the author
Also by the author
About the publisher


This is the third book in a three-volume series on School & College Curriculum Design from the best-selling author of ‘Making Key Stage 3 Count’ and ‘How to Become a School Leader’.

This book tackles ‘curriculum impact’ and is aimed at leaders and teachers in primary, secondary and further education settings.

Book One was about ‘curriculum intent’, all the planning that happens before teaching happens. As such, it explored the ‘why?’ and the ‘what?’ of education.

Book Two was about ‘curriculum implementation’, all the teaching that happens next. As such, it explored the ‘how?’ of education – the way in which teachers translate curriculum plans into classroom practice.

This book, meanwhile, is about ‘curriculum impact’ – the ‘how successfully?’ of education.

This book argues that, if the purpose of education is to prepare pupils for the next stage of their education, employment and lives, then the ways in which we measure ‘impact’ must go beyond qualification outcomes.

Indeed, if we are to focus on the real substance of education, provide a broad and balanced curriculum that’s ambitious for all and tackles social justice issues, then we should measure the impact of all this.

As such, this book posits that ‘impact’ is at least threefold – it is to:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the way in which the curriculum is designed
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the way in which the curriculum is taught
  3. Evaluate the pace of pupil progress, pupil outcomes, and pupils’ preparedness for their next steps

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