Tackling low level disruption

This article was written for SecEd Magazine My work necessitates a lot of travel. Before you conjure images of me in a smoking jacket sipping martinis in the first-class cabin of a transatlantic flight, let me describe a recent journey… Imagine, if you will, an intercity train from the 1970s. You know the type: aContinue reading “Tackling low level disruption”

Tricks of the teaching trade…

If you’re due to start your teacher training or NQT year in September, this is for you… I bought a Border Collie pup recently and, at eight weeks, have just begun training her. I don’t want to sound disparaging but the experience has reminded me a lot of my teacher-training. I’ve christened my dog MegContinue reading “Tricks of the teaching trade…”

Key Stage 3: Effective homework

This article was written for SecEd magazine and first published in September 2016.  You can read the original version on the SecEd website here.   You can read more of my monthly columns for SecEd here.  Ofsted’s 2015 report KS3: The Wasted Years? claims that key stage 3 is not a high priority for secondary school leaders in termsContinue reading “Key Stage 3: Effective homework”

The octagon of excellence

This article was written for SecEd magazine and published in September 2014. You can read the original version here. You can read my other articles for SecEd magazine here. I’ve produced an info graphic version of this article which you can download here. The most effective way to raise student attainment, according to Ron BergerContinue reading “The octagon of excellence”