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The journey to outstanding

PLEASE NOTE: This book is now available as part of a two-for-one compendium edition called How to Teach. For more information, click here.

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Read the blurb:

TEACH is a brand new book on pedagogy by the best-selling author of Leadership for Learning, The IQ Myth, and Ofsted Thriving Not Surviving.

This book has something for everyone: from the NQT looking for teaching tips to the experienced school principal looking for leadership inspiration.

It offers teaching advice about evidence-based classroom practice and leadership advice about improving the quality of teaching in schools and colleges.

It covers an impressive range of topics including:

  • Defining outstanding teaching and learning
  • Using formative feedback, questioning, and differentiation in the classroom
  • Managing classroom behaviour and creating a culture of excellence
  • Improving the process of lesson observation and evaluation
  • Improving professional development inc the use of coaching and lesson study
  • Using cognitive science to improve lesson planning and delivery
  • Developing a growth mindset culture in the classroom

…and much more besides.


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