Book: Leadership for Learning

Leadership for Learning

A senior leader’s handbook


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Countless books have been written on the subject of school leadership: some claim to know the philosophy of school leadership; others promise to share the secret of school leadership. Many of these books have value; they contain nuggets of useful information based on detailed research. But most are theoretical; they are not practical. Once read, they are rarely again consulted. As good as they are, school leaders don’t turn to them when they need ideas or inspiration.

‘Leadership for Learning’ is different: it is a practical handbook for busy senior leaders – a book of ideas which you can put into practice, which can be dipped into when help and advice are needed most. The author is different, too: he is not a university professor; he is a senior leader working in schools every day. He has worked at senior leader level in two secondary schools (one a large inner-city school, the other a small rural school) and has managed every aspect of a school’s organisation: he has managed the process of school improvement and self-evaluation, the curriculum and timetable, teaching and learning, pastoral care, administration, finance and the site. He has helped schools on the journey towards ‘outstanding’: one school became a beacon of good practice in teaching and learning; another became the highest achieving comprehensive school in its authority and the fifth most improved school in the country. Along the journey, he’s seen examples of good and bad leadership and has learnt valuable lessons from each. This book is a means of sharing those lessons in leadership.

‘Leadership for Learning’ recognises that the job of leading schools – as with leading any organisation – is complex and nuanced. To begin with, each leader is different: each leader has a personality and style of his or her own which is the culmination of unique life and work experiences. Each school, too, is different and requires a personalised approach. Each student and each situation is different and they require a pinch of pragmatism and common sense, plus a generous helping of humanity. No problem is the same as the previous one and therefore no solution can be the same.

So ‘Leadership for Learning’ cannot tell you how to deal with every situation you encounter, but it can provide you with a useful framework within which to build your own leadership style and within which to build an outstanding school.

‘Leadership for Learning’ covers:

1. Being a senior leader
2. Vision & mission
3. Becoming outstanding
4. Managing change
5. Coaching & mentoring
6. Managing the business
7. Working with stakeholders


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