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How to Teach

Improving pedagogy and practice

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“A wise, accessible and practically useful book” – Professor Bill Lucas, Author of Educating Ruby

“Compelling… clear and convincingly argued” – Dr Jill Berry, Author of Making the Leap: Moving from Deputy Headship to Headship

“A useful summary of research on teaching and learning. In encouraging us to ‘connect everything back to our students’ – it makes a helpful contribution to the literature.” – Mary Myatt, senior Ofsted inspector and author of High Challenge, Low Threat


“Outstanding” … “Invaluable stuff” … “Sensible, pragmatic” … “Really informative” … “So good my headteacher’s disappeared with it” … “A great book” … “A must-buy” … “Superbly practical” … “Convincing, compelling”

About this book:

HOW TO TEACH is a new compendium edition of TEACH (2014) and TEACH 2 (2016).

TEACH has something for everyone: from the NQT looking for teaching tips to the experienced school principal looking for leadership inspiration. It offers teaching advice about evidence-based classroom practice and leadership advice about improving the quality of teaching in schools and colleges.

It covers an impressive range of topics including:
– Defining outstanding teaching and learning
– Using formative feedback, questioning, and differentiation in the classroom
– Managing classroom behaviour and creating a culture of excellence
– Improving the process of lesson observation and evaluation
– Improving professional development inc the use of coaching and lesson study
– Using cognitive science to improve lesson planning and delivery
– Developing a growth mindset culture in the classroom
…and much more besides!

TEACH 2 explores what it means to be a great teacher and what great teaching really looks and feels like in practice. It analyses how to model high expectations in the classroom and reveals the habits of academic achievement.

It considers ways of closing the gap that exists between the educational achievement of boys and girls and how to help students transfer their learning from one context to another, thus making learning universal. It also shares some useful lesson planning advice and considers the cornerstones of great curriculum design.

TEACH 2 also examines the importance of risk-taking in education – of avoiding group-think and a culture of compliance. It poses some big questions about the nature of education and about what it means to be a member of the teaching profession.

About the author:

Matt Bromley is an education author and journalist with over eighteen years’ experience in teaching and leadership. He is a consultant, speaker and trainer, and a school governor.

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