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Our courses have a 100% satisfaction score and are rated 5/5 for quality

Don’t take our word for it: read client feedback at the bottom of this page

At Bromley Education, we deliver expert training and development direct to schools and colleges, local authorities and MATs, and businesses and charitable organisations, on a wide range of subject areas, including:

All of our courses are tailored to meet the needs of individual organisations and can be run either face-to-face or online.

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We have a proven track record of providing expert training and development. Don’t take our word for it, though: this is what some recent clients had to say…

“Very informative and comprehensive. Great. *****”

“Excellent presentation. I have been teaching for the last few years and I feel this webinar perfectly presented to promote the quality of teaching in the classroom. Every teacher must watch this. *****”

“Another very informative webinar and challenges me to continuously reflect upon my practice. Easily accessible and good delivery length. Relevant and upto date information and references. *****”

“Informative and inspiring webinar. Contains some great tips for promoting resilience which I will be introducing immediately. *****”

“This webinar was engaging and motivating. *****”

“Absolutely fantastic and insightful. *****”

“Refreshingly useful for all teaching staff, new and experienced. Interesting, relatable, and reassuring! *****”

“Great session. Very informative and thought provoking for my own practice but also for my team. *****”

“Really informative. This provided me with some great ideas for classroom practice. *****”

“Very informative. Great webinar! *****”

“A classroom to aim for! If all schools implement the strategies in this webinar it will lead to better outcomes for all students. *****”

“Excellent. Precise and clear! *****”

“You’ve just provided more insight in an hour’s webinar than I’ve ever been given before”

“The best training I’ve had in over 20 years of teaching”

“The best INSET I’ve had in 18 years of teaching”

“I’ve learnt more about pedagogy in the last hour than I did in four full years studying for my BA Ed”

“Very well presented [keynote] with plenty of practical advice and tips.”

“I enjoyed [Matt’s] keynote: a great, convivial start to the day.”

“[A] very informative, useful, and well delivered presentation.”

“A great session, really enjoyed this.”

“Matt Bromley was absolutely fantastic. His approach was energetic and funny at [the] same time. I have learnt a lot of new things.”

“[I] wish we could have heard more!”

“Dynamic, engaging presenter – good content.”

“Excellent – best trainer for INSET I have heard in 11 years of teaching!”

“I enjoyed Matt’s presentation. He was very inspiring. He really makes sense!!”

“A great speaker.”

“Great, thought-provoking session that made me question my own practice.”

“Very entertaining, informative speech. I liked the way Matt contextualised the talk for us. I found his energetic nature refreshing & inspiring.”

“I enjoyed Matt’s presentation. He was very inspiring.”

“I like his delivery style, energetic, positive and solution focussed.”

“An excellent course with a leader [who has] superb knowledge”

“[Matt is] an extremely knowledgeable course leader.”

“A very engaging and interactive [course which was] tailored to our needs.”

“Practical advice that can be immediately put to use… a boast to my confidence.”

“The course leader made the day rewarding [and he had] a relaxing yet effective approach.”

“Very high quality, I felt very looked after and [I got] everything I wanted from the course.”

“[Matt] was affable and talked to us rather than at us.”

“Excellent!” “Great!”

“Matt’s knowledge of the profession is very good [and his course was] underpinned by research.”

“The course was enjoyable and informative.”

“Matt worked his audience so well, building up trust and rapport very quickly. He has great subject knowledge and the pace and structure were spot-on. I was particularly impressed by the way he developed a relationship with the staff and so quickly too.”

“Very informative and productive INSET”

“I really enjoyed the [Making KS3 Count] course”

“An engaging and inspiring session… it is great to be able to come away and have a bank of strategies to be able to implement”

“[Making KS3 Count was a] very enjoyable and thought-provoking day”

“A productive and informative day. I left with things to tackle straight away”

“[I] just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the training. I will be sharing lots of the information with my team”

“Excellent reminders as well as new content to try. I especially liked the Socratic questioning”

“Made me think about my approach to teaching, being more aware of short term memory in particular”

“A good consolidation of what outstanding teaching looks like – helped generate lots of practical ideas”

“A reminder of the driving forces and importance of the time well spent on the right things. A bit like resetting direction in the light of true north!”

“Incredibly helpful in showing me how important formative assessment is [and] that DIRT time is essential in allowing students to make valuable use of feedback and enabling them to progress. It also helped me to realise how important it is that students know and understand WHY it is they are doing something, and what they need to do to succeed”

“New ideas to engage students in the classroom”

“[A] very engaging and thought-provoking speaker, and enjoyed the day”

“It was a great day and I have so much to share with my team”

“Very likeable and clear”

“Very professional and involved everyone”

“Great presenter, very professional”

“Delivered an enjoyable session”

“Engaging [and] convincing”

“Very relaxed, relatable and knowledgeable”

“Good use of humour and very knowledgeable”

“Very good – personal, confident and assured”

“Very clear, took lots of opportunities to engage the audience”

“Very professional – relaxed”

“Excellent session”

“[I] was really impressed with the quality of delivery and the resources. It was thought-provoking. [Matt] matched the needs of the attendees”

“Thank you – I came away with so many ideas and a new perspective on KS3”

“Excellent course leader”


“A thought-provoking, inspiring course with practical strategies to use straightaway”

“Fantastic – really practical, useful, informed and pragmatic”

“Very informative”

“Inspirational, well informed, easy to understand”

“[Matt was] really knowledgeable, very friendly and reassuring”

“[Matt was] highly engaging and knowledgeable”

“[Matt was] engaging, knowledgeable and experienced”

“The training was absolutely brilliant.  It inspired me to go home that night and plan some new resources and activities. One of the best trainings I have had.”

“The training was immensely engaging and beneficial.”

“Thank you for delivering such an interesting and engaging training course; it was very inspiring and all of the content will be very useful.”

“I thought the training was fantastic.”

“I found [the keynote speech] to be fresh, interesting and useful even though [there was] only had a limited time frame to work with.”

“[Matt] did a fab two hour presentation… committed, interesting and captured the staff … would recommend him without hesitation!!”

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