Curriculum design: Step 4 – Identify the way-points

The 6-step process of curriculum design…

Our approach to curriculum design – as outlined in the book School & College Curriculum Design: Intent – follows a six-step process as follows…

The fourth step towards designing an effective curriculum is to identify the waypoints.

Once the destination and the starting points are known, the curriculum must carve a path between the two and this path must grow ever steeper as pupils near the end. In other words, the curriculum needs to be increasingly complex and challenging as pupils travel through it, and it must help pupils to develop as independent and resilient learners, too.

One way to do this is to identify the threshold concepts that pupils must acquire at each stage – the checkpoints through which they must pass on the way to their destination. These thresholds concepts can also act as a source of meaningful assessment – a progression model – which measure pupils’ progress.

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