How we’re responding to the coronavirus

First of all, we’d like to extend our best wishes to you during this difficult time. Please keep yourself safe and heed all the latest government advice which you can find here.

Secondly, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who is working hard to help and protect others – healthcare workers, emergency services, utilities, those working in the essential goods supply chain, etc., and of course all those working in the education sector, be you teachers, leaders or support staff. You are all heroes and we are in your debt.

Thirdly, we’d like to thank all our friends, partners and clients for their patience and understanding whilst we’ve worked through our forthcoming commitments and sought to reschedule.  We have cancelled or postponed all events between now and the summer. We have waived all our fees, including the expenses we’ve already incurred, to try help schools and colleges focus on the task in hand.

Finally, we don’t want to add another voice to what is already a noisy space with well-intentioned but potentially distracting information and we are thinking carefully about our social media (though some pre-scheduled messages may still be broadcast).

However, since you have arrived at our website, we’d like to make it easy for you to access some useful information. We’ve transformed our blog into a hub with advice about how to deal with the coronavirus crisis in schools, including best practice advice on making a success of remote learning, and also some useful teaching advice which, in the coming weeks and months, you may wish to work through as a form of CPD. We hope to make other resources available soon including some free CPD videos and e-books.  If there’s something you’d like us to do to help, please contact us.

Download Matt’s free guide to the curriculum design process, courtesy of our friends at SecEd Magazine